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The Rennbahn Park was opened in September 2022 in the southern district of Frankfurt, Niederrad. To give you a special experience of the Rennbahn Park we have visited and photographed it at night. The new citizens' park was built on a part of the former horse racecourse. The southern part of the racecourse is now used by the new German Football Association (DFB) Academy. The original shape of the racecourse and the golf course located in the middle of the racecourse were preserved in the concept of the "Bürgerpark". Thus, the small lake in the middle was preserved, the sand bunkers of the golf course, as well as the routing and the ecologically valuable sandy grasslands. These are supplemented with functional areas for sports, sitting and play areas for children. In addition, small viewing platforms were added that allow a view over the entire park area and the skyline of Frankfurt. At the outer edge, the park borders on the city forest and thus also on the small citizens' meadow. Therefore, Rennbahn Park is another recreation and retreat area for the citizens of Frankfurt. There is also a small children's farm on the edge of the park. The Rennbahn Park is mostly used by visitors for sports activities, walking, nature-based recreation or meeting friends and family. The construction time for the Rennbahn Park was about 1 year and was designed with citizen participation. The park is 9 hectares in size. This was the Season Finale of #RightNow in 2022. We want to Thank you that you followed #RightNow in 2022 in such a high count. #RightNow will return in 2023 with a new Season and new places to see.