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Welcome to the Island of Gozo, Malta and our first destination. The small administrative unit of San Lawrenz. San Lawrenz (English: Saint Lawrence) is an administrative unit of Malta, on the island of Gozo. Its name is derived from Lawrence of Rome who is the patron saint for the unit. It has a population of 748, as of March 2014. The Dwejra nature reserve is administratively part of the town. Prominently in the reserve is the Fungus Rock, and formerly also the Azure Window landmark before its collapse in 2017. Until San Lawrenz was declared a parish in 1893, it formed part of the neighbourhood of Għarb. However, as time went by the people of San Lawrenz started to form a separate community and as a result they wanted their own church. The foundation stone for this new church was laid and consecrated by the Bishop Peter Pace on 21 November 1886. The relic of Saint Lawrence was placed under this stone. With a population of 748 people (as of March 2014), it is the second least populated village on Gozo and third least in all of the Maltese Islands. The village’s football team is called St. Lawrence Spurs. Text Source: Wikipedia