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The Blue Hole - Il-Hofra tal-Bidwin There are a considerable number of diving spots in this area - the most popular is probably II-Hofra tal-Bidwin, and dubbed in divers’ quide-books as the Blue Hole. This is a rock formation carved by nature, possibly the collapsed section of the roof of a cave, which drops vertically to 14 metres. A few metres down, the cave wall is broken and there is a beautiful underwater archway leading to the open sea. From there a number of alternative dives are possible. The Tieqa taz-Zerga, the Azure Window, was a spectacular natural arch towering 28m above the sea. It was formed by the waves pounding on the lower softer strata of the rock for thousands of years. The Azure Window stood as an iconic image of the Maltese islands until the 8th of March 2017 when it succumbed to a severe storm. Dwejra Point id-Dwejra is a true gem of the Maltese Islands. Its uniqueness lies in its complex geological, ecological and historical features all concentrated in a relatively small area. In the areas of id-Dweira and il-Qawra, around the inland sea, there are indications of busy activity during Punic, Roman, and Medieval times. This makes it a site of extraordinary heritage value. ld-Dwejra is guarded by a coastal watch tower built in 1652 at the expense of the University. A chapel dedicated to St Anne was raised in 1963. The so-called raised beach opposite the former site of the Azure Window, is littered with fossils dating back to over fifteen million years. Text Source: Malta Heritage