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Goldsteinpark is a citizens’ park on the eastern outskirts of Bad Nauheim in the Wetterau district of Hesse and was one of the venues for the State Garden Show 2010. In the center of the park is the Goldstein Tower, a waterworks of the city of Bad Nauheim used as an observation tower, which forms a visual axis to the Johannisberg. The park slopes slightly in a westerly direction to the street Am Goldstein, where it borders on the Main-Weser railroad and the grounds of the Bad Nauheim train station; the B3 runs to the east. Together with the Goldstein Tower, it is part of the Am Goldstein complex, which has been designated a cultural monument. On the occasion of the State Garden Show in 2010, the then Goldstein Forest was developed into a citizens’ park, which since then has included an adventure forest playground for children around a fictitious salt king (in reference to the Bad Nauheim brine springs) as well as an area for open-air festivals and large sunbathing lawns. Even before the area was upgraded, the new development area Am Goldstein with numerous apartments and a kindergarten was developed on the southeastern edge of the park. The waterworks on the Goldstein in the Hessian town of Bad Nauheim (Wetterau district) is a listed building that serves as an observation tower. It has a total height of about 21 meters and offers a viewing platform at a height of about 14 meters on the top level under the hipped roof. The waterworks was built in 1907 to meet the city’s increasing groundwater consumption. To give the functional building a more appealing design, it was integrated into an observation tower that resembles a fortified tower. Together with the opening of the State Garden Show 2010, the Planetary Walking Trail was officially inaugurated. It begins in the immediate vicinity of the Goldstein Tower and extends from west to east on the grounds of Goldstein Park with the sun and the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars as well as Jupiter. On a scale of 1:2.8 billion, the path continues through Bad Nauheim via the train station with Saturn as well as through the Kurpark with Uranus and finally ends with Neptune and Pluto on the Johannisberg at the Volkssternwarte Wetterau. The planetary hiking trail thus forms a connection between the other venues of the State Horticultural Show and also links other significant monuments of the city such as the Sprudelhof or the war memorial at the foot of the Johannisberg. There were plans for a planet moving way on the part of the people observatory Wetterau already since September 1995, could be realized however only in the course of the planning of the national horticultural show finally. In addition to the 2010 state horticultural show held in Goldsteinpark and other parks in Bad Nauheim, Goldsteinpark continues to host regular civic festivals, including the Soundgarden Festival. Text Source: Wikipedia