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Welcome to The Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu National Shrine Ta’ Pinu Church was built by public subscription following a miracle in 1833 involving a spinster, Karmni Grima, and a small chapel located on the site. The foundation stone was laid in 1916 and the consecration by Bishop Gonzi took place in 1931. A year later Pope Pius XI elevated it to the status of a Basilica. The precision and intricate elegance of the splendid stone work, especially on the inside of the Church, are admirable. Ta’ Pinu is visited by large numbers of pilgrims as well as tourists. The sacristy is full of ex-voto offerings. The 16th century chapel is still preserved inside the Basilica, as is the original Madonna Ta’ Pinu painting (1619) by Bartolomeo Amadeo Perugino. The Ghammar plateau is directly ahead, crowned by a statue in front of the Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary. The thirteen statues of the Way of the Cross can be seen along a steep road heading uphill. At the top of the hill there is an altar in an amphitheater. Text Source: Malta Heritage