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Like many cities around the world, there is an increasing focus on the rejuvenation of the inner city of Johannesburg. One of these initiatives is the Maboneng District located on the south-eastern side of the CBD Originally a hub for art, it has expanded to include restaurants, entertainment venues and retail stores as well as accommodation and hotels. Maboneng calls itself "a place of inspiration – a creative hub, a place to do business, a destination for visitors and a safe, integrated community for residents. A beacon of strength in Africa's most economically prosperous city". Text: Wikipedia Source link: ------------- Agog is one if the common places in Maboneng's nightlife. Her you can chill and enjoy some wine. An Art gallery is connected to the bar as well and on the rooftop you have a bar for private parties. The Marabi club is Maboneng most famous jazz club. The club opens around 6pm and is a mist see for jazz lovers or young couples who want to enjoy some time in a romantic atmosphere. Named after the American rapper Jay-Z this rooftop with bar gives you an incredible view over Joburg. The art on this street in Maboneng reflects the clothes school kids wearing during the last decades. Close to this street the community opened a skateboard park where the kids and everyone in the district can go to. This project takes the kids out of the street and supports the efforts to reduce the danger for kids to get criminals. Everyone who enters the skate park has to spend at least 2 hours there. 1 hour to have fun with skateboarding and 1 hour to learn a new skill. Our Tour ends with the Collectors Treasury, the biggest collection of historic books about Johannesburg that still exists. At the Curiosity Backpackers a typical rain storm in the south african rain time during summer starts and even ice is falling from the clouds. -------------