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1.5 kilometres south of Graskop is one of 5 tourist attractions around the town located. The Big Swing combines fun for adrenaline junkies and forest lovers. Next to the big waterfall adrenaline junkies can test their bravery by bungee jumping free-fall of 70 meters down into the Afromontane forest. The Gorge Lift will bring you for a small fee down to the Afromontane forest in the gorge valley. A prepared walking path will lead your way close around the waterfall which water falls 138 meters in around 3 seconds. Only 0.5 percent of the country area of South Africa are covered with Afromontane forest. Under the green canopy trees a wide range of plants, insects, animals and birds are homed. The area of the forest is generally wet and can be slippery at some sections. You may also meet some of the homed species here. If you don't want to bungee jump then may choose the 135 meters long zip-line and fly 130 meters above the ground through the gorge. They may also give you the chance to drive through a strong fog like this one.