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On February 19th a far-right extremest killed nine people in two shisha bars in Hanau. To remember this racism motivated terror attack a graffiti was drawn under the Friedensbrücke in Frankfurt to remember: Ferhat U. (23) just finished his apprenticeship Mercedes K. (35) waitresses, mother of 2, pregnant of a third Sedat G. (30), owner of Shishabar Midnight Gökhan G. (37), bricklayer and part-time waiter Hamza K. (20), was waiting for a friend, just finished his apprenticeship Kaloyan V. (33), innkeeper and father of a little son Vili P. (23), was in Germany to earn money for a medical treatment of his mother Said H. (21), trained machine and plant operator Fatih S. (34), moved to Hanau 3 years ago #Frankfurt #Friedensbrücke #NiemalsVergessen #Rassismus #GegenRassismus #Hanau #Peace #Main #Terror