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The garden is part of the Bethmannpark located in the Nordend. The main entrance is located near the entrance of the Bethmannpark at the beginning of Berger Straße.The city of Frankfurt began in 1985 with the realization of its own Chinese Garden in Bethmannpark, where the family of the same name had already planted and bred East Asian plants two hundred years ago. The Shuikou Gardens from Huizhou were the model for this. The buildings are based on the style of simple residential houses from the province of Anhui.In 27 containers, building materials were brought in from China by sea; the construction was carried out by 16 Chinese skilled workers who had travelled there especially for this purpose. After four years of construction and a total investment of DM 3.2 million, the park was opened on October 7, 1989 as a spring flower garden. Only a few weeks later, in memory of the Tian’anmen massacre on June 4, 1989, it received its present name Garden of Heavenly Peace. The central element of the 4,000 m² park, which is surrounded by a wall, is the asymmetrical branched jasper green pond. Behind the lion-guarded main gate, the bridge of the half boat leads across it to the rectangular water pavilion. On its other side, the Gallery of Scented Water runs along the pond’s shore and finally ends at the square mirror pavilion. The visitor crosses the zig-zagging Jade Belt Bridge to reach the north bank. To the west, the bridge offers a view of a rock with a waterfall. The southern part of the garden - beyond the water pavilions - is dominated by a hill on which the pavilion rises in shimmering green. In addition, a multitude of plants, bushes, rocks, stones, waterfalls and characters are scattered throughout the park. Their arrangement was not left to chance, but rather reflects various references - especially to the Chinese symbolic language. Text: