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In this season finale, we travel back to early 2015 when we had the unique opportunity to visit Ethiopia’s first science observatory, the “Entoto Observatory Space Science Research Center (EORC),” located on Entoto Mountain, 15 kilometers north of Addis Ababa. The observatory, initiated in 2012 by the Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS), officially began scientific operations in early 2015. It features twin 1-meter telescopes and, since May 2021, a 7.3-meter multi-satellite ground station. This ground station provides high-resolution images for various space applications, benefiting Ethiopia and the countries of the East African region in areas like agriculture, water management, urban planning and cadastral mapping. Funding for the observatory comes from a consortium of universities, ESSS, and the Ethiopian government. Future plans include establishing observatories in Lalibela and other towns, further advancing Ethiopian astronomy and supporting the East African region. Transparency note: The material for this episode was produced in January 2015 and did not receive support from the Ethiopian government. This episode is published under CC-BY 4.0 Please credit as follows Photo: Sven Nemeth Published by: Nemeth/Star Productions (