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Africa's night sky is one of the most beautiful's in the world. Today we are in Buccleuch, in the North of Johannesburg with our best stargazing episode ever. Surrounded by trees we have a beautiful look to the stars. We can see the clear constellations of Southern Cross (Crux) (with Acrux, Hadar), Triangulum Australe (Beta Trianguli Australis), Centaurus (with Alpha Centauri, Epsilon Centauri), Orion (with Rigel, Betelgeuse, Cursa), Canis Major (with Sirius, Mirzam, Adhara) and Puppis (with Naos). We can also see Mars, Uranus and the Pleiades tonight. Enjoy this episode which is a groundbreaking for us. As in our other documentary productions we count on the technology of the iPhone and this is how the iPhone 14Pro / iPhone Xs with the NightMode, NightSky and NightCap app makes astrophotography. We use the following apps to support our astrophotography: iPhone NightMode, NightSky, Stellarium, Sky Guide and NightCap.