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Get ready for a breathtaking experience with the first episode of SPACE-FRIDAY: PHOTOGRAPHY in 2023. This week, we're showcasing stunning photos captured with the iPhone 14 Pro and its incredible features and supporting apps. Under the light of a full moon, marvel at the sights of Jupiter, Neptune, and a plethora of stars and celestial bodies, including Al Naymat I, Dheneb, Diphda, the southern Taurids, Uranus, the Pleiades, Hassaleh, Bellatrix, Mars, Cassiopeia, Perseus, Andromeda, Pegasus, Eris, Aldebaran, and Hyadum III. Join us for this visual journey at Kleine Bürgerwiese in Frankfurt Niederrad. As in our other documentary productions we count on the technology of the iPhone and this is how the iPhone 14Pro with the NightMode, NightSky and NightCap app makes astrophotography. We use the following apps to support our astrophotography: iPhone NightMode, NightSky, Stellarium, Sky Guide and NightCap.