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Welcome to the new season of SPACE-FRIDAY Photography, beginning in France! Today, we’re taking you on a journey to the past as we explore the Cathedrale Notre-Dame in Strasbourg. Our focus? The magnificent Sundial of the Cathedral. This historic timepiece, dating back to 1843, marks the third clock to grace this iconic location since France’s earliest possession of the city. Among its remarkable features are a perpetual calendar, including a *computus* calculation, an orrery displaying the positions of planets, and a precise depiction of the Sun and Moon’s real-time locations, even forecasting solar and lunar eclipses. However, the true spectacle lies in the daily procession of Christ and the Apostles, standing 18 inches tall, occurring precisely at solar noon, accompanied by the crowing of a life-size cock three times. The clock’s gold hands indicate mean solar time, or “temps moyen,” while the silver hands display Central European Time, labeled “heure publique.” Notably, during winter, mean solar time trails approximately 30.5 minutes behind Central European Time.