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We return with a live posted episode of #RightNow for this shorter Season in 2023. Welcome to Laufach in Bavaria. The community lies in northwest Bavaria east of Aschaffenburg. Laufach lies in the heart of the Vorspessart (range) and stretches through its outlying centre of Hain into the High Spessart. The community’s elevation ranges from 170 to 500 m above sea level, including the peaks of Steigkoppe to the north and Steinknückl to the south. Laufach’s Ortsteile are Frohnhofen (898 inhabitants), Hain (1,177 inhabitants) and Laufach (3,204 inhabitants). At SAINTE EULALTE PLATZ, we see a memorial of the city’s foundation in 1084. There is also a plaque commemorating a twinning partnership with Sainte Eulalte in France, a fountain, a bookshelf located at the square right next to the town hall, and a roundabout that houses an old gate. Not far away, there is also a soccer field and a table tennis table, as well as another monument. Laufach, which was originally known as Laufahe, had its first documentary mention in an obituary from Saints Peter and Alexander collegiate church in Aschaffenburg. Laufach’s name came from the stream on which it was built. Over the years, the community’s name has changed many times, from Laufache in 1182, to Loifahe in 1191, to Loupha in 1348, to Lauffach around 1528 and 1624 before settling on Laufach in the early 19th century. At Pfarrer Liebenstein Platz, there is one of the churches of Laufach. Pastor Rudolf Liebenstein came from Baldersheim, Lkr. Würzburg, in the Ochsenfurt deanery. Among his achievements are, among other things, as the former diocesan chaplain (1946 - 1950), the founding of the Kolping Family Laufach in 1953 and the construction of the new parish church St. Thomas Morus in 1963/64. Unfortunately, he did not live to see the consecration. 14 days earlier, he passed away in the early morning hours of August 14, 1964, in his rectory. Laufach also houses a small cemetery. Next to the Laufach cemetery is the VNSEBN Dead Citizens Memorial. Here, the deceased citizens of Laufach who lost their lives during the Second World War are commemorated. Text Source: Stadt Laufach, partly from Wikipedia, Translated partly by ChatGPT